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C . A . P .

Credit Assist Protection


CAP is an independent, continuous update/analyses of your prospects/clients, based on information from the best credit management specialists, with the aim to decrease the risk of failures.
The entire client portfolio is screened monthly/periodically and monitored on a daily bases.
You are automatically alerted on every signicant change on debtor level by email. Even publications or media articles on your portfolio can be included.

We assist you monthly/periodically and help you to identify risk in your portfolio through a simple and unique color code system. This visualization allows you to prioritize and focus on the highest risks as such freeing up time for your core business.
This solution is tailored according the needs of each individual company, without any hidden costs.
At all time you have a clearview on your portfolio be it nancial, risk or further development.
This forms a solid base for crucial decisions relating to daily management and strategy.

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